Technology Services

Hybrid & Private Cloud

The advent of cloud technologies has completely transformed the data center infrastructure. This new era of computing requires a new approach that seeks to eradicate complex, costly and inefficient technology silos and replace them with cloud-integrated and virtualized infrastructure – this means greater agility, scalability, resilience and standardization.Companies must react with greater agility and scale operations efficiently in this age of disruptive innovation. These are traits of organizations that have digitally transformed with hybrid or private cloud, allowing you to quickly create better user experiences. With services curated to your current digital maturity delivered by experienced certified consultants, i3Pathfinder ensures your transition to private or hybrid cloud is seamless and successful.

Migration Services

Migrating workloads to the cloud, or from legacy systems to modern environments, helps you increase business agility, reduce costs, scale more easily and adopt new innovations faster.
i3 can help you achieve this by identifying the best cloud solution suited for your organization and seamlessly migrate workloads from any source to modern environments without disrupting existing operations.

Technology Support Services

All CIO’s are being asked to do more with less. Managing within tight budgets while raising quality levels is possible. The key is a tight-knit relationship between in-house teams and technology partners which is defined by clarity of roles and goal-setting.
With i3 you have a partner who can manage your heterogeneous technology environments. World-class methodologies and tools are matched with deep technology experience, so you get lower support costs, better ROI on technology investments, faster problem resolution, and higher employee satisfaction.

Infrastructure Managed Services

High end partnerships with some of the biggest technology players in the world means i3 has singular expertise in multi-vendor environments.

From servers, storage and networking at the core to front office, middleware and back office applications layer, to unified communications and security, we can help you manage every part of your technology environment. With our extensive technology expertise, enterprise grade install base and deep industry verticals experience we can help you meet your technology and business challenges in a cost effective and efficient manner.